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The Living ORACLES are coming on the scene…By Amy Meyer

The Dream Voyage, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Identity, Words from Papa God

The Pearl Process in Your Life… By Amy Meyer

God has been taking us through a beautiful process.  Yes, the outcome of this is glorious, defining, and breathtaking.  But, in the midst of this transformation, we’ve  often felt buried, hidden, forgotten and even rejected; battling off the lies that life has passed us by and we have missed our call.  But sure enough,  God is after something deeper… He’s been developing something perhaps we can’t even see yet.  What does He want?  What is He after?  
Read below and receive a fresh perspective as Papa God exposes and reveals to us some answers we’ve been asking Him for.
This is a personal message from Papa God to us…

I (Papa) am always adding to you like the nacre that makes the pearl.  I am not pointing out your flaws and setbacks.  I am covering them and renewing you.  I am focused on what I am adding to you. I am forming you into My image.  The more you abide, the more you become, just like a pearl. Stop looking at what “you” need to change. I will change you as you worship and enjoy Me.  Can you really change yourself?  No. That’s right.  Trust in My skills over yours. Who makes the change? The pearl or the oyster?   Who is the responsible party?  Is it not both?

So, let’s break down the parts of responsibility…  We (Papa, Son, & Holy Spirit), like the “oyster,” are covering and reshaping you, making you colorful.  We are adding value to you, continually.  We are making you resilient and resistant to the enemy.  Where once you were an easy target to him, you are now covered and shielded by our love and grace. We are building you so you won’t break.  We’ve placed you into our safety; we are your refuge.  We can see what you are becoming. You have a tendency to look from the inside out at your internal dilemma.  We are looking from the outside in at who you are becoming!  What we are doing on the outside, is taking care of your inside.  Your self-pity and negative thoughts are no match for the “nacre” of our grace!  Grace wins every time and always, always restores!

So, let’s get back to responsibilities.  What happens when a pearl removes itself from the oyster and tries to do things in its own strength?  And what strength does a pearl have by itself?  Does a pearl have any strength? Or does that come only from the oyster?  Who is in charge of making and producing the pearl?  The oyster is. What happens when the pearl is removed from that precious place of abiding? The process stops.  It stops growing.  So it is with you.  You limit yourself.  You have chosen to only go so far.  You yourself have limited your own value.  Can you really add or increase the nacre on your life by yourself?  Can you produce this nacre?  Isn’t that pride?  Your own self-reliance will get you nowhere, just like the pearl without the oyster.

You need Me and I delight in you; in making you, shaping you, and blessing you. Let Me choose, the time of your revealing. Your responsibility is to simply abidereceive, and grow.  It’s so simple, yet too simple for pride.  Pride wants to take ownership for the development.  It wants to take the full glory and credit.  Pride never wants to admit that someone else made this fabulous pearl!  It must control, dominate, hide the evidence, and force its way into the top spot of recognition and significance. Humility is what makes your pearl sparkle.  Humility allows My light to shine on you.  Make pride lay low and command it to go! Pride is of the enemy.  He has always tried to steal my precious gems and cover their radiance and true identify with darkness.  He hates the fact that he cannot create and so he tries to steal My pearls or stop their process of becoming great!  He does this through pride.  He convinces the pearls to believe that they don’t need to abide in Me, “The Oyster.”  He paints a pretty picture of the outside world and coaxes them through self-pity, with lies about the current state they are in.  He says, “Why do you want to live in the oyster?  It’s dark and musty, nobody knows your name, they can’t see your glory, and no one’s going to pay a price for something they can’t see! Come out into the real world, and I’ll place you in settings where people will acknowledge you, sing your name, and praise your beauty.  Come!  Come! Stop living a boring, restricted life!  Aren’t you tired of not being your own boss?  You’re free with me in charge! No more pain, no more practicing and rehearsing…I can see you’re ready, step out!”  These are all lies from the enemy to coax you out of the process.  He wants to stop you from becoming great and full of glory for Me.  He wants to clip you like a flower before you’re fully bloomed.  Once the pearl is removed, the process stops. That is his goal!  Abide, abide, and remain in Me!

Here is the challenge to your flesh.  You believe that nothing is happening where you’re at and that the real action is out in the world apart from the shell you’re in right now.  You feel confined and your vision is blurred for the time being.  There are no mirrors inside the shell so you have trouble truly seeing how much you’ve grown.  This is when your relationship and trust in Me is put to the test.  You must choose to believe in My process, who I say I am, and that I am faithful to complete My promises. You must choose to remain without looking for an escape! You must learn how to stay put, allow, and receive everything I want to add to you.  This takes patience.  This takes much perseverance.  This is asking you to live at a level of trust that contradicts all of the world’s ways.  But trust Me, if I were to show you right now what I see when I look at you, you would truly be grateful. I want you to always know that your development has not been accomplished in your strength but in your surrender.  Surrender to My process, My ways, and My grace. The time of your showing will surely come.  It’s closer than you’re even aware of.

When man comes looking for you, I want you to be found in Me.  I am the sign of genuineness.  I am what men are diving for. Without Me, you would be lost at the bottom of the sea, swallowed up by the shifting sands.  Wouldn’t it be wise to assume that you’re much safer in Me?  I am your guarantee of authentic quality.  There is no value found in plastic man-made pearls. They are false, inauthentic, and perishable.  What I have been doing in you is making you last a lifetime, enhancing your quality, value, and beauty.

My pearls are My statements of the true, genuine, people of My kingdom.  Those who have gone through My process and remained will bring the change!  They shall demonstrate My ways, shining forth as beacons of light, pointing the way to My throne. They shall cascade the glory of My Kingdom, and they will never be purchased by the enemy!  They are a statement of My royalty, dignity, purity, and resilience.  They bear My Name.

The timing approaches.  I am ready to reveal My pearls.  What a statement it will be! The enemy thought he was winning but little did he know I had a hidden agenda.  All he saw were shells, and he overlooked My hidden pearls.  He assumed he had already harvested all of them. My true church is emerging.  What a sight!  What a change it is bringing!  I am demonstrating heaven on earth.  My pearls in Christ!

-Papa God
The Dream Voyage, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Hollywood, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership, Words from Papa God

It’s Time To Dream Again… Word from Papa God…By Amy Meyer

The Dream Voyage, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Leadership

Spiritual Promotion…by Anna Rountree


When all seems to be going well, suddenly there is an immense attack from the enemy?  Why?…
 There is a spiritual reality that most Christians have experienced, but conversely, most Christians are blithely unaware. It occurs during the time of spiritual promotion. Oh yes, we do get promoted—if so be we pass the tests that allow promotion. How dull it would be if we did not grow in Christian maturity. But—just as in secular schooling, we must be tested.
All of the tests leading to a higher level of service do not come at one time. We grow incrementally in being able to accept more responsibility and thereby in being endowed with more authority.

At first, on a certain level of service, we may be scrambling to complete the spiritual workload and losing a battle here and there to the much more powerful demons that attack Christians on that new and higher level. However, after a while, with the Lord’s help, we begin to handle the spiritual workload on that level. Also, we grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning the enemy’s wiles at that level and are able to either side-step them or deal with them more easily.
In the vernacular, we speak of this stabilizing as “getting on top of it” or “getting it under our belt” (referring to a time when the clothing was long and loose and therefore needed to be tucked up into the belt to unencumber the feet for battle). I am not talking about the prelude to an increased anointing here. We will take that later. We are discussing the period of transition as one advances into greater responsibility and subsequently greater authority.

Now let me set the stage (and I will need to use everyday examples to give clarity to that which is- actually- spiritual phenomena).
Let us suppose that you have been serving the Lord in a certain area for a period of time. During this time you have grown and matured. Now-without you knowing it-the Lord intends to promote you—that is—to give you more responsibility and thereby, more authority. What happens?

More light begins to gather around you in the spiritual realm. God is adding to you and you begin to shine more brightly. This, of course, makes you a much more yummy morsel to the demons whose job it is to stop you.
Years ago I remember asking Bob Jones (the prophet) why the demons seemed to know what we ourselves did not know about our advancement. He told me at that time — “because of the light.”

When we are moving out of our usual level of protection—that bubble or shield that has been built up through repeated battles and hard won victories—begins to thin. We are moving out of a hard won “zone” and therefore are more vulnerable.
Now, most of the time, we do not know this. But the demons do. They attack before we know we are in transition and before we have the experience of battling the more powerful demons at that higher level.

Let me give you three real, live examples. A few months ago our prayer team was asked to pray for three Christians that had been damaged in just such a transition into higher authority:

1. One is a young, righteous pastor whose anointing in preaching has increased ten-fold. Likewise, his congregational numbers have increased miraculously—and, after the kernel of the congregation moved from location to location for years, the Lord has looked upon them with favor and given to them a new and truly lovely church home. Before the congregation could move into their new church home, this pastor was caught in a freak and deadly combination car and truck accident. He had to lay his bike down under the wheels of the log loaded 18 wheeler. The Lord rescued him with only minor damage to his heel and equally mild damage to his bike. The enemy was trying to stop the pastor from reaping the reward for his faithfulness and to stop the move of the Spirit to which all indicators are pointing.

2. Another is a dear Christian lady that was teaching prayer in a church in another state. She had written a book on prayer and was preparing to travel to yet another state to teach prayer to those in a mega-church. This church was not known for prayer—for it had stressed other gifts. However, they were ready and willing to learn and were very excited to add their voices to others standing before the Lord in intercession. Suddenly, she was hit with something mysterious and was given a 1% chance of survival. She did survive and is now regaining her strength. I’m sure she was pulled through by the prayers of those very people she had been teaching to pray. The enemy was trying to deprive the body of Christ of a seasoned prayer warrior and a mature teacher of intercession. Praise God, he did not succeed.

3. The third is a very gifted teenager who had just arrived at college. Already he had the gift of healing—which was beginning to increase. At the beginning of the school year he fell and hit his head—eventuating in a concussion. He was sent home to rest, but that same day he fell again—hitting his head again—and giving him a second concussion. He was beleaguered with cluster migraine headaches twenty-four hours a day for months. But he refused to stop going to church or to stop praying for those who needed healing. All manner of gifts are increasing in the young man and he is being healed. Praise God. He is part of the next generation of powerful ministers.
The reason I have given you three accounts is to show you people who had been used by God on one level and are now moving into a higher level of authority in their field or spiritual calling. Since these periods of spiritual advancement happen with all of us—what do we need to learn?

1. Be on the alert.
2. If you sense any change at all in the anointing you are carrying, begin to tread more carefully.
3. We need to ask others to cover us in prayer and we, in turn, need to cover others.
We do not want the enemy to take out of service those needed in the end-time battles. If we are aware of this period of vulnerability in our lives and the lives of others we can close ranks to lessen the enemy’s infiltration and hinder his full-out attack.

-Anna Rountree