Thriving Church, Thriving Five Fold Ministry

Five-Fold Ministry Graces…by John Meyer

John is sharing about the five-fold ministry graces and how God is raising up healthy and secure representations of these vital functions. See how they help the Body become mature through their nurturing gifts. John shares the difference between a religious system and Kingdom operation through love.

The Prophetic Journey

Abiding in the Presence of the Lord – The Path of Life, Part 10 (Depression) by Rick Joyner

 We discussed in a previous Word for the Week how discernment may operate through impressions, which is where we start to feel in ourselves what someone else is dealing with. One reason many prophetic people suffer depression is thatdeperssion they pick up on so much spiritually around them that they think it is their problem and fail to distinguish this as the gift working. Just because we feel depression does not mean that we have depression, but we may be feeling what someone close to us is dealing with. If we inquire of the Lord about these feelings, He will lead us to the truth about them. As we mature, we will learn to distinguish what we are picking up from others, or other situations, and what is actually in our own hearts.

Bridal Prophets, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership, Words from Papa God

New Breed of Prophet Rising in The Church

There is a new breed of Prophet rising in the earth. They have a bridal mandate…to heal the wounds of The Bride and prepare her, not through harsh words brought on by sin consciousness and judgment but through fruit of the spirit impartation that produces a Christ-consciousness. There is an enormous eternal wedding coming, and He isn’t expecting a Bride that doesn’t understand how much she’s loved and adored. – John Meyer

Bridal Prophets, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Identity, Words from Papa God

Orphan Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry will only reflect to others what you have become. If you’re still grappling with an orphan mentality, then you will have a difficult time separating your wounded-ness from the pure word of Papa flowing through you to others. It’s time to go on a nice, long, relaxing vacation if need be, in order to have The Heart of The Father massaged deep into your psyche. – John Meyer