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PAPA’S Word to the Church…. My House of Habitation… By Amy Meyer

god-s-house-1-peter-2 (2)God is Building A House of Habitation…. Do we know where to look and what to look for?
Read below as Papa God shares His heart, sharing what He’s looking for, and how we can join in with what He’s doing. Many of us will bare witness with joy at His words and what lays ahead. This was the word He had me release at the end of my message at Face to Face Ministries in Canada. Be encouraged! Amy <3
So, you want to dwell with Me (Papa)? Throughout the centuries man has tried to build a house to contain Me. I laugh at the thought! But for those with pure hearts and pure desires, I admire their ambitions and draw near to their endeavors. Surely, mankind can not contain me in wood, hay, straw, and stubble… But man himself was designed to carry me, to carry Me in their hearts like lovers do. I in them and they in Me. Am I not building a house of habitation within My Kinsmen…?

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Video: How to Host an Event with God as The Conductor

Recently, we gathered in Abbotsford, Canada for a Hosting His Presence Gathering. Needless to say, it was awesome! God showed up through his plurality of leadership who had no agenda. This message is about what happened and where we see God taking the Church as a whole. One man shows are a thing of the past….listen in to

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Video: Are you really called to be a Pastor?…by John & Amy Meyer

There are certain characteristics to the function as a Pastor or Sheperd role. Are you feeling burned out? Are struggling as a Pastor because you are torn between pastoring and a business idea or some other field of interest? It’s time to get really honest and transparent about your call.

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Video: To all those who have left The Church Building…by John & Amy Meyer

Join us as we share our own journey of leaving institutional Church. This is not a message against the Church, on the contrary, this is a message of hope for the living Church of God.

We share what it’s like to face religious spirits of control head on, without becoming bitter in the process.