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Holding On When God is Asking You To Let Go…PT1

Sometimes we hold on to the past or a season because we don’t like change. God only asks us to let go of something to bring good things to us. It does require change. Listen in for ways to know God is transitioning you. This is part 1 of 2.

The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Calling, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership

Video: The Voice of The Unknowns are Coming to the Forefront Now…by John Meyer

God has been developing the nameless ones behind the scenes for years. It is now time for them to come forth. Well-known people will begin to realize they are not the only ones who carry a powerful message from God. It’s time for the unknowns who are well known in Heaven to be heard.

The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Faith, Thriving Identity

Video: How’s Your Mid-Life Metamorphosis Going?…by John & Amy Meyer

Mid-Life doesn’t have to be a crisis. Discover what’s really going on during your mid-life years. God has a plan and He hasn’t forgotten about you. No, far from it. He is actually taking you through a metamorphing season preparing you for the center of your calling.

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The Process of The Pearl in Your Life…by John & Amy Meyer

The natural pearl has a lot of symbolism in the way Christ forms our lives. From the making to the waiting to the unveiling, God is involved in every detail and He will never leave us alone through the entire development process.