The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Faith, Thriving Identity

Metamorphosis. Are you dealing with a grieving or sadness and can’t quite put your finger on it?…by John & Amy Meyer

Change is happening and many are feeling this type of grieving inside. They can’t quite put their finger on it. But God is doing something at a deeper level than we’ve ever known in order to rid us of all things old. He is clothing us with Him, and that means there will be challenges to those who are reluctant to let go of things they should. Listen in for more.

The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Calling, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership

Video: The Voice of The Unknowns are Coming to the Forefront Now…by John Meyer

God has been developing the nameless ones behind the scenes for years. It is now time for them to come forth. Well-known people will begin to realize they are not the only ones who carry a powerful message from God. It’s time for the unknowns who are well known in Heaven to be heard.

Bridal Prophets, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Calling, Thriving Faith, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership, Thriving Relationships

Video: Get Your Wedding Bliss On With Christ…by John & Amy Meyer

We are coming into a glorious time in The Church all over the world. It’s a time of understanding and revelation about what is pounding in the heart of Christ. He has marriage on His mind and His thoughts towards us are only good. We are becoming one with Him in every way and He is delivering His Bride, The Church from sin consciousness.

Bridal Prophets, The Prophetic Journey, Thriving Identity, Thriving Leadership, Words from Papa God

New Breed of Prophet Rising in The Church

There is a new breed of Prophet rising in the earth. They have a bridal mandate…to heal the wounds of The Bride and prepare her, not through harsh words brought on by sin consciousness and judgment but through fruit of the spirit impartation that produces a Christ-consciousness. There is an enormous eternal wedding coming, and He isn’t expecting a Bride that doesn’t understand how much she’s loved and adored. – John Meyer