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Video: Having Resolve in The Midst of Uncertainty…by John & Amy Meyer

Do you have resolve? Those who have a determination in their spirit are the ones who overcome in any situation. Discover why having resolve is so important. Listen in to see why we can have resolve, but also miss the blessing of being flexible as well.

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Video: God is calling you back into the game, but it’s not gonna look the same…by John & Amy Meyer

Many people have gone through some very challenging times and seasons over the last decade and longer. They either become shipwrecked in their weariness and pain or they rise from the depths of what they’ve been through to engage the call again. Amy and John share the importance of remaining flexible to change and the grace God is pouring out to jump back into the game. Only this time it’s not gonna be the same.

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Encouraging Word for Your Journey PT1…by John & Amy Meyer

Everyone needs encouragement for the journey their on. Many times we go through training for reigning that is difficult and challenging. This is where encouragement comes in. Listen in for more.

This is part 1 of 2